2010 Grain is in!

spelt in bin

Grain's final destination on the combine - the bin.

Favorable weather conditions this past Friday and Saturday allowed Brent to get the combine rolling and harvest spelt and spring wheat.  He estimates that we have about 10 tons of wheat and about the same amount of spelt.  That may sound like a huge amount but we’re already getting busy finding outlets in the area to sell our flour.  Brent ground some of the fresh whole wheat this afternoon and baked a couple of loaves of bread.  Delicious.  The next step will be to send a wheat sample away to the lab for testing.  The lab is able to test the baking qualities of the wheat as well as checking for any mycotoxin levels in the grain.  It’s always a wonderful feeling to see it travel from the field into the bin.  It’s the culmination of many months of patient waiting and hopes that the harvest will go well.

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